Lake Tahoe Wedding & Proposal Ideas

Lake Tahoe Wedding & Proposal Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect location for a Lake Tahoe Wedding & Proposal to ask them the magical question? Something a little more unique than most? For those looking to pop the question, and get things rolling, Tahoe Timber has some suggestions. 

As the winter thaws and spring begins to roll in, a unique season hits Lake Tahoe — wedding season. 

Keep it simple for your Lake Tahoe Wedding & Proposal

To say Lake Tahoe is large, doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. The lake itself is close to 191 square miles in size. But the area that surrounds it, the Tahoe Basin, is even larger. If you’re thinking about Lake Tahoe wedding & proposal ideas when asking your beloved that special question, you may spend hours researching and evaluating the area for that special place. Let us help you out. Stick to Emerald Bay.

Emerald Bay holds within it, a treasure trove of beautiful and historic settings. That’s not to say that the rest of the lake doesn’t, it absolutely does. But far too often, we hear that people should go visit Emerald Bay, without giving specifics of where to go or what to do. To reiterate, let us help you.

Below, we have compiled a list of both known and a little more secluded spots that can offer breathtaking views and an opportunity for you to pop the question. These are in no particular order. 

Location, Location, Location for your wedding proposal

The first thing to remember is that this moment is special. Picking the right local is a tough decision, but we’re here to help. Are you the more adventurous couple who likes a view? Do you like a quite and personal setting? Whatever the case, we have five suggestions that we think will provide you with a few ideas to get the ball rolling. 

Vikingsholm Proposal

A Great Lake Tahoe wedding & proposal idea Tucked away on the shores of Emerald Bay is a place that may seem a little out of place, but somehow perfectly fits the aesthetic of Tahoe—we’re talking of course about Vikingsholm. 

Vikingsholm as it stands in 2014. The house was built nearly a century ago.
Image courtesy of bunnygoth/Flickr. Vikingsholm as it stands as of 2014. The castle has been largely unchanged since this photo was taken.

Vikingsholm, much like how the name implies, is a viking-inspired home. The home, designed to look like that of a mid-evil home for a Viking, has sat on the shores of Lake Tahoe since the fall of 1929. 

Commissioned by Lora Josephine Knight as a summer home, Knight wanted someplace that reflected the beauty of the surrounding area. She enjoyed the property for years, until her passing in 1945. 

After this time, the property exchanged hands multiple times, but after a transaction with its last private owner, Harvey West, the property was ultimately acquired by the State of California. Since that time, Vikingsholm has been marked as part of the Harvey West Unit of the Emerald Bay State Park. 

Now that you understand the background of Vikingsholm, let’s address the meat of the issue—why would you propose in or in front of a Viking-inspired castle? Well, simply, why not? 

Vikingsholm is thought to be one of the finest examples of Scandinavian architecture in the United States. This pristine structure is a picturesque background for one of the most important memories you will ever create for your special someone. 

That being said, if castles and Vikings aren’t your cup of tea, we have some other suggestions. 

Fanette Island

Nestled in the heart of Emerald Bay is a small island—the only island on Tahoe in fact. Of course, we’re referring to Fanette Island. Over the last hundred years or so, the island has been known by many names, including Coquette, Fannette, Baranoff, Dead Man's, Hermits, and Emerald Isle. Nowadays, the name isn’t widely debated.

The island isn’t home to much, outside of a small “Tea House” that was built by the previously mentioned Mrs. Knight. During her time, she would take guests to the island—and as the name implies—would have tea with her visitors on this secluded speck of land. 

Fanette Island offers some of the most breathtaking views in Emerald Bay and Tahoe. On most days, the Island is in direct sunlight which makes for a beautiful setting for you to pop the question. 

An image of Fanette Island in the middle of Emerald Bay. A small structure can be seen on the island.
Image courtesy of MARELBU/Creative Commons. A photo of Fanette Island with the Tea House perched at the peak of the small speck of land. 

But what are you going to wear? This is your big moment, after all, you better look the part. We may not be fashion experts, but we do know a thing or two about sunglasses.

Your Lake Tahoe Wedding proposal will be a moment you remember forever, you might as well have a clean and classic look to go along with it. For this, may we suggest a pair of Alohas? These classics, Wayfair inspired shades come in multiple different lens and grain options, but we’re a little partial to the Aloha Blues.

The Aloha Blues provide the wearer with one of the most unique lens options in the Tahoe Timber family. Behind the crisp blue lens lies something not so blue, an amber lens. This defined lens offers viewers a clean and sharp view of the world in front of them. The perfect option when popping the question. 

Islands and Vikings sound exciting to us, but what if that’s not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, we still have a few suggestions for those looking for a little something different. 

Lower Eagle Falls

If you’re considering a spring proposal, one of the most tranquil spots in all of Emerald Bay has to be Lower Eagle Falls. 

Located just off scenic CA-89, park your ride at the free parking lot right next to the Eagle Falls hiking trail. Typically, the trail will lead upwards toward the mountain. Although this trail offers some of the best hiking in Tahoe, it’s not what you’re here to do. Instead, turn around and head to the opposite side of the road, towards the lake. Roughly 200 feet from the roadside you’ll find the start of Lower Eagle Falls.

Carl Palmer proposes to his then girlfriend, Dezy. The couple stands near a cliff, looking over Emerald Bay. Carl is on one knee and Dezy looks shocked.
Image courtesy of MARELBU/Creative Commons. A photo of Fanette Island with the Tea House perched at the peak of the small speck of land.

Ironically, those venturing to Lower Eagle Falls will find a unique situation to visit one of the previously mentioned locals, Vikingsholm. The falls are situated just a few hundred feet above the Viking-inspired castle. 

But why are the falls so special? Well, as hinted at previously, it’s all about location. Lower Eagle Falls are some of the more easily accessible falls in the Tahoe region, meaning anyone can enjoy nature’s beauty. 

Speaking of location, we mentioned that Lower Eagle Falls is only a short distance from Vikingsholm. Well, that also means that Lower Eagle Falls is also in proximity to the sands of Lake Tahoe. 

Perhaps after you’ve popped the question, consider venturing down to the pristine waters of Emerald Bay and soaking it all in. With the lakefront less than a mile from the falls, it only seems right to celebrate your engagement on the beach. 

The beach near Vikingsholm and Lower Eagle Falls is gorgeous, but it’s not the beach we’re recommending for this excursion. 

Baldwin Beach

The perfect place for Lake Tahoe Wedding proposal. OK, you got us, technically Baldwin Beach is not in Emerald Bay. But with such close proximity to the Bay, it just didn’t seem right to not include it on this list. 

Less than five miles from the bay is this gorgeous stretch of pristine beach that looks out onto greater Tahoe. Baldwin offers not just a jaw-dropping look onto Tahoe, but an uninterrupted look onto the Sierra Nevada mountain range. 

A normal day at this relaxing location may include a picnic, kayaking excursion or just a lazy day with your special someone. Either way, Baldin Beach will provide you with a perfect, panoramic view of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area. 

There are dozens of gorgeous beaches in Tahoe. We could probably go on for hours talking about them, but for the sake of simplicity, we kept it to just Baldwin. That being said, Baldwin does get a bit bright out there. Best to bring a hat and a pair of sunnies with you. For this, we also have some suggestions. 

Have you seen the Sugar Pines or Fallen Leafs yet? Both of these beautiful bamboo frames are part of our Driftwood Collection. What makes these sunnies so special is that thanks to the unique properties of bamboo, these sunnies float. 

Each pair are equipped with polarized frames and has spring hinges to give them added flexibility—lightweight, yet durable. These sunnies are the perfect accessory to throw in the beach bag on a sunny afternoon. 

Inspiration Point for a Lake Tahoe Wedding & Proposal

600 feet above the lake, looking over many of the places we’ve already outlined on this list, is Inspiration Point for your Lake Tahoe Wedding proposal. This lookout undoubtedly offers some of the most stunning views of the bay that you’ll find. Be sure to have a camera crew on stand by, you’ll want to capture the moment—plus the view.

The view of Emerald Bay near Inspiration Point. Snow is sprinkled on the ground. Through the tree line, you can see Fanette Island.
Photo courtesy of Deanna Clawson Kriesman/Pexels In the tree line, just under Inspiration Point. The lookout offers direct views of the many of the places referenced on this list.

Interestingly enough Inspiration Point also offers hiking trails that will lead you directly to both Lower Eagle Falls and Vikingsholm. So, if either of these previously mentioned locations piqued your interest, consider taking a stroll to them after visiting the point. 

But for those that are thinking of Inspiration Point as the location for their Lake Tahoe Wedding proposal, you’ll want to look as sharp as possible. For this, we once again, and for a final time, have a suggestion. 

One of the newest frames to join the Tahoe Timber family, as a member of the Backwoods collection, is the Bristlecones. 

The Bristlecones features one of the newest wood types to come to Tahoe Timber, Dark Zebrawood. The beautiful nature of Dark Zebrawood offers these frames a unique look that will stand out in any setting—be it a day at Inspiration Point, or anywhere in Emerald Bay. 

Yes, these frames are a brand new style for Tahoe Timber and are constructed with a brand new wood type, but that’s not the only thing unique about these sunnies. Take a closer look at the lenses. The Bristlecones offer the only pair of sunnies at Tahoe Timber fitted with a green, polarized, outdoor high definition lens. The perfect fit for your venture into the stunning Emerald Bay region of Lake Tahoe.