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The Tahoe Roots campaign is a focused conservation and preservation effort spearheaded by Tahoe Timber. 

We are of the belief that the Tahoe Basin has reached a critical point/mass in regards to the health of the forest. Steps must be taken to ensure that the Tahoe Basin lives on for future generations. To do this, education, preservation, and conservation must be initiated. 

Education in proper forest maintenance and healthy practices that will guarantee access to the Tahoe Basin for the next generation and beyond.

Preservation of our home. The Tahoe Basin is one of nature’s greatest gifts, and we only have one opportunity to keep it.

Conservation of the reuseable resources given to us by the region and using the resources that are gifted to us naturally, such as downed timber.

The Tahoe Roots campaign aims to create a fund that will go to supporting one of four foundations in the region, changing quarterly. The raising of the funds will be done directly through Tahoe Timber. A percentage of all of our sales will go directly into the Tahoe Roots fund or patrons can donate directly to the campaign in-store or online. 

This campaign is seeking to preserve Tahoe for years and years. It doesn’t matter how big of a step is taken, just that one is. We believe that this is our first step, and we’d like to ask you to help us build that step into a walk, then a march, and eventually, into a run.

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